Simig Lighting co.’ltd is located in Zhongshan, China, and it is a professional manufacturer for Home lighting Main product lines: Pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, job lighting etc..

As a professional custom lighting manufacturer, Simig Lighting opened its own factory in 2004 and established all the production departments, which work closely together in every production stage to smooth the transition between each production stage including warehouse, drilling, and metal processing workshops. In addition, Simig has gathered a professional design team to ensure continuous innovation of Simig products. Welcome to make a deal with Simig, and we will provide you with the best quality and price.




pendant lamps in our company are mainly in a modern or industrial style. Using high-quality crystal, glass, and iron materials, pendant lamps are ideal for home decor as a bedroom, living room, reading corner, and kitchen island.

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Unique modern design, high-quality materials, various styles for your choice. Choose a good lamp in our company for your living room, bedroom or study.

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The adjustable height floor lamp with soft light is the best choice for the reading corner. Simple metal lamps are suitable for reading, and modern luxurious lamps are suitable for home decoration.

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